Facebook marketing has come forth in leaps and bounds in the current digital age. There is so much that you can do through social media to help boost your business, and Facebook and Instagram are a great place to begin.

But when you have finally decided on the wording and offer, what image will you choose? Visual advertising is half the battle as it is the first thing your potential client will see. A good image is the difference between them stopping and reading your ad or scrolling straight past. So how do you decide on what image to put alongside your ad? Here we will look at the top 10 best strategies to pick the best image for your Facebook ad to get your more leads and sales.

1. Choose an image which is relevant to your ad

This is somewhat of an obvious statement but far too often people miss this most important step. Ensure the image you have chosen has some link to the advert you are about to post. You do not want to leave your audience in a state of confusion after reading your ad and discovering that the picture that lured them in has nothing to do with what you are selling.

2. Use a bright and eye catching image that stops people in their tracks

If your image does not grab people’s attention right from the start, people will scroll straight past without a second glance. Bright colours and bold statements are perfect to make a great first impression and get your readers delving further.

3. Use happy, healthy and attractive people

This is a prospect that has been used since visual advertising first became prominent. Using images of people who are enjoying your fitness centre, as well as visually attractive, will catch the eye of many potential clients. Something desirable is the best way to draw people in.

4. Try a funny or odd image for something different

In the same way that people are more likely to view your ad if they find the people in it visually attractive, they are just as likely to look if it is something unusual or pleasing. Kids doing funny things or cute puppies are some examples of how you can use an alluring image for your Facebook post, as long as it is relevant of course!

5. Test different images to see what works best

You can post images across your business Facebook page to experiment with what image resonates most favourably. Measure the amount of likes, comments and shares against each picture then use this information to your advantage when it comes to posting your Facebook advertising. Knowing what will get the interest of your potential audience will get your Facebook ad working the most effectively for you.

6. Choose a black and white image

The simplicity and irregularity of a black and white images in your advertising will show your image is not only serious but also will present an eye catching image for your target audience. If you are going for something with a clear and direct message then black and white is a great option for your advertisement image.

Plus with all the colour images being used, a black and white image really makes an impression.

7. Filters to add a greater contrast

Filters are not only good for your Snapchat. They can be used to give your images used in Facebook ad campaigns the extra aesthetic appeal that they need to catch the eye of scrollers. Adding to the appeal of the content of the image, having an eye catching filter on the picture can really give it an added draw for your potential new clients and have them stop at your ad to read on.

If you see a picture on Facebook that you find particularly alluring, do you stop and see what it is all about? Most of us do, and this is why adding a filter could be the difference between a successful ad campaign and a fizzer.

8. Don’t use blue and white, the same colours as FB

Avoid the Facebook logo and page layout colours. You will find that any images incorporating these colours can be easily missed or remain unseen in the Facebook platform. They are not different, not something that will make people stop and take notice, so try for bright colours, or black and white to avoid blending into the background.

9. Make sure it reflects your target audience

You should have a good idea of who your target audience are. An ad campaign on Facebook should reflect your target audience in order to get the most out of it. Ensure that the images you are choosing will appeal to your target audience. For example if you cater to single mums then an image of a fit woman in the gym may be the perfect one to get your target audience to take note of what you are promoting.

10. Keep the image text short and sweet

If you choose to incorporate any text in your image, such as a meme or similar, then make sure to keep the word count down. A short sentence that is relevant to what you are advertising, or a funny quip that will pull them in is sufficient. Do not overwhelm people with a huge amount of text in the image, that is what the ad is for!

So, now that you are armed with the do’s and don’t’s of Facebook advertising images, take this knowledge and turn it into a kick ass ad! There is no end to the success that a well placed and exciting ad can have for your business and the new clients that it can bring with it.